Welcome to Kwa-Rie Caravan Park

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Welcome to Kwa-Rie Resort, situated in Dundee, midway between Newcastle and Ladysmith, and only 25km from the main highway, this tranquil resort is well placed in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields. Your hosts at the Kwa-rie, Leon and Antionette du Plooy, who have grown up and lived in the area all their lives, will assist you during your stay, and will sincerely go to great lengths tomake your stopover a memorable and delightful experience.


The Kwa-Rie Caravan Park is situated in the heart of the historical town of Kwa-Rie Caravan ParkDundee. The area boasts the largest concentration of battlefields in South Africa, and has a very special historical value to the Afrikaans, English and Zulu cultures.  Some of the nearby towns are Vryheid and Ladysmith, and are within a radius of 80 km from Dundee on the N3 highway.  The Bloedrivier (Blood river) monument is situated only 50 km from us.


The area boasts the largest concentration of battlefields in South Africa, with Rorkes Drift Battlefield as the most famous of the battlefields in the country. White Cairns scattered across the battlefield at the Isandlwana Battlefield site mark the positions of buried British soldiers. The signalling post, Fort Mistake, which was built during the first Anglo Boer War, is one of the many that stretched north to Newcastle. The Cenotaph memorial was built in memory to the many men who died in the First and Second World Wars.

The Kwa-rie is right in the middle of all this, and offers an excellent base from which to visit these famous historical monuments. At Kwa-rie we can offer you more to see and to do, than anywhere else in KwaZulu-Natal.   The Kwa-rie is situated virtually in the centre of Dundee, and the two private dams add to the enchanting and relaxing atmosphere. We boast more than 90 different indigenous bird species at Kwa-rie, and we also have some private game roaming the Kwa-rie to augment your memorable and unforgettable stay. Our beautiful swimming pool even has a “Granny Cave” to add extra protection from the sun when needed.
Kwa-Rie Caravan Park and Lodge